Michael Rosen’s Kids’ Poem & Stories series for YouTube

Michael Rosen, former Children’s Laureate, poet and author runs a successful YouTube channel with monthly views running in the millions.  His videos are produced and directed by Joe Rosen and are released weekly on YouTube to his 177,000 subscribers.

FW Studios was a perfect fit for our requirements. Our content is a compelling performer on a simple background, and because this isn’t a complex set up, it’s that much more important that we get our production right. FW studios had everything we needed and it was all on hand: green room, lights, camera kit, clean infinity curve and coloramas.
— Joe Rosen


With a schedule demanding a new film be released every week there is a requirement for a very fast production process which places great emphasis on efficient studio filming. Joe Rosen required a studio space, facilities and kit for his team to shoot Michael Rosen presenting for his Kids’ Poems & Stories online series.

Why FW Studios

Joe was looking for a facility that would make it easy for Michael to deliver his forty scripts’ worth of content in one session. The ability to have production crew on hand in the next room was a welcome one for Joe and his team, as was the studio being located in East London, close to good transport links.

It’s very reassuring to know there are additional staff at FW Studio who could be on hand to help out if required. I know from experience on shoots emergencies sometimes happen and being able to call on extra resources can be a great help.
— Joe Rosen

The production

Joe and his team had the ability to prelight the studio the day before - completing camera tests so that they were prepared for shooting. On the day itself with Michael in front of the camera the team worked through four lighting set ups and approximately forty scripts for various uses across their media output.


The films now feature on Michael’s YouTube channel and his website.

...the studio had been equipped with all of the kit we needed for our shoot. Rigging and set up was surprisingly fast and flexible with everything we needed on hand or close by. The quality of light was great and we easily achieved a very flattering image with an even light distribution and natural colour.
— Joe Rosen