The Studio.

The studio complex comprises an air conditioned, sound & light proof, acoustically treated studio, a green room/gallery area, a makeup room and bathroom, meaning we are able to accommodate your production crew and executive team in comfort.


Studio features.

  • White cyclorama around two walls
  • Black curtain running around two walls
  • Paper background roll drops, pre-loaded with chroma green and mid grey
  • Air conditioning
  • Double skinned sound treated walls
  • Acoustic sound dampening
  • Versatile ceiling mounted lighting rail system
  • Cabled 100mb asynchronous internet to contributor and camera positions
  • Audio / Video patch bay through the wall to the Control/Green Room

As well as the film studio, there is sole use of an air conditioned gallery / green room, bathroom and makeup room.

The green room featuring gallery area

The green room featuring gallery area

Makeup room

Makeup room


Gallery Area

From the gallery area clients are able to monitor the production from behind a quad glazed glass window. The gallery and studio both have wired 100mb asynchronous internet and a patch panel to feed sound and vision into the gallery area.


Green Room

The green room can accommodate clients and contributors in air conditioned comfort. There is a sofa, chairs, tea and coffee facilities and bathroom. In the main studio complex, there’s also a shower room.


Makeup Room

The makeup room is a dedicated room which features production lighting for accurate modelling light.



Our 38 sq m studio is 2.8m high with a depth of 7.6m and includes a 5m x 2.5m Cyclorama. Download a floor plan


Lighting & Sound.

FW Studios comes with lighting rails which can be pre-configured to your requirements. Our standard configuration is shown below and we also offer other light sources which are available upon request.


Front Lights

Twin parallel rail systems, each with 2x cross rails. One pantograph on each side is populated with 1x 4 foot 4 Bank Kinoflo head. One pantograph on camera left is populated with 1x 2 foot 4 Bank Kinoflo head. All Kinoflo heads are loaded with daylight tubes and wall mounted ballast control


Back lights

Fixed full width single rail populated with 3x Dedolight DLH2 heads with dichroic filters, controlled by a DT12-4 dimmer. One head is on a 2m drop pantograph, the other two are on Single Spigot Carriages suspended on Manfrotto 2 Section Single Arms. There is a fourth Dedo head available to be used on the studio floor.


Cyc Lights

Fixed bars housing 3x Kinoflo Image 4x4 fixtures with daylight tubes and DMX control.



There is the facility to hang a microphone from a movable rail in the centre of the studio, this is pre-rigged with a single XLR cable.

2x JBL Control One speakers are wall mounted behind the camera position, powered by a Sound Lab SP2 amplifier and fed from a Spirit Folio RacPac mixer. The Control/Green Room is equipped with a PTT (push to talk) mic feeding into the studio and a Genelec 8010A powered speaker fed from the studio via the wall patch bay.



13a mains supply outlets fitted at various points around the studio, at both ground and ceiling levels.



The studio rental includes technical assistance to ensure that everything is set up just as you require for your shoot. We can also supply dedicated production crew – tell us who and what you want and we’ll make it happen.